Hidden Camera Detector App Reviews

Works great

Love it.

Downloaded this by accident Can I get a refund?


Don’t bother

This app doesn’t work, try it on my laptop camera, it can’t even detect it. Smh. But it does pick up on anything else that’s shiny that is not a cam. Lol useless!

Dont buy

Didnt work

Found one

The app found a tiny camera hidden in an electrical box near the hot tub at my daughters condo. Manager said it is a camera. Why did they hide it?


When I open the app it asked to use my camera, I accepted then it just shows a black screen with red X’s and turns off. Been trying to get in contact with someone there to get reimbursed.

Pinhole Cameras only

As a former security specialist, I will only state that I am disappointed. Not worth $4.99. Slow and disappointing

You be better off to use your eyes

If this is a gag app it’s a good one because it’s had me thinking there were cameras In the last four hotel rooms I’ve stayed in and had me tearing ceilings out and drywall and busting holes in copper pipe and flooding the place. Do give them your money unless you like apps Like the Lie detector and ghost detector.

Covert expert review

I have 12 years experience installing covert camera systems for public and private law enforcement. Some in my industry are irritated that their cameras are being found, and so I suspect they are leaving misleading reviews. This app found 7 out of 10 covert cameras in my testing. As a draw back, I had to hold the camera at a fixed position long enough for the app to scan. It did not work when I was trying to scan a room quickly. Not perfect, but an inexpensive tool and nice to have with me on my iPhone at all times.

Do not waste your money

Does not work, i am into cctv and tested this app with multiple pin hole cameras and it does not detect. The app also give false positives on shiny objects. Useless.


This app is trash. I wasted my money on this thing and all it does is detect light that reflects of my flashlight on objects. Don’t waste your money on this phony app.


Dont waste ur $$. $4.99 got me nothing!!! Just pick up anything that has lot of metal. I want my $$ back!!

Biggest fraud

Simply put, this app is the biggest fraud in the history of app development. This product does not work as described. It only detects candy wrappers, bread bags, Christmas ornaments, drawer handles, floor tiles, cosmetic product containers, etc... You name it, anything with glossy finishing that's not a camera lens. Not even a cell phone camera lens can be detected, but the specular highlights on the edges of the phone. Ridiculous, right? What a fraud!!!

No support ADJUST LIGHTING ???

If your app did not use my flash THE ENTIRE TIME I WOULD’NT HAVE TO ADKUST THE LIGHTING! What am I supposed to do fly around my house and put up light blocking stuff? Ridiculous refund my moneyNOW!!! I can use someone else’s because your app is ridiculous!

Very cool.

Very cool and wow.

Does nothing

Do not purchase this app. It does absolutely nothing. 100% rip off.

Works great....

Please read all directions and helpful hints before using. Yes there were reflections on my mirror that just told me they were some where behind me. No lies, no tricks...something to get you started so no one make you feel like you are crazy and you get to continue living peaceful in your home.

Don't buy

It is useless, it shows it's own reflection as a camera.. like if your flash is reflecting back from a light bulb or something it shows it is a camera lol.. sorry terrible English

I wish I had read the reviews

This thing is a joke. Couldn't find 2 covert cameras that we active and didn't detect my offices CCTV cameras. Been using for a while and it has yet to pick up a camera. Run away. Run away fast and don't look back. I hope mine is the last $5 waisted on this piece of junk.

Hidden Camera

Honestley i just want my money back. The app has to have the absolute perfect lighting to work, and wil look right past the actual cameras. Dont waste your money.

Fake. Hoax. Don't pay for this!!

I want a refund. What a joke,


Useless waste I want my money back


Your absolutely is a hoax! I want my refund!

I want a refund! Fake app.

This app couldn't even identify a real hidden camera right in front of it, let alone one that is actually hidden. Any glimmer or spot of light will set it off. My app doesn't even work, the entire screen is black. Developers are scammers, do not waste your money on this. I want a refund!


Even while pointing the app directly at the camera on my quadricopter it failed to pick it up. Don't waste your money.

Most worthless app in the AppStore

Doesn't detect anything unless you are 1 inch away from what you R scanning. After you download the app The app prompts you right away, app is not design to detect cameras on cell phones laptop it couldn't even detect my xbox one Kinect camera. It detects everything in there informercial go figure...


Do not waste your money on this. Doesn't work at all. I directed the scanner toward a known camera and it failed to detect it. Many attempts using several different cameras of different sizes just resulted in false positives like the corner of a table or chair.

Waste of time and money

Placed a hidden camera right in front of this app. Couldn't detect it or other cameras. I would save your money. This is a complete waste of time and money.!!!!!


This should be a free app. I read the bad reviews and STILL bought In denial. It's totally lame, it thinks anything that has a "shine" is a "hidden camera". It doesn't even point out the obvious! Save your money


Yes I bought this app as well and it doesn't do well at all, detects just reflections and when spotting hidden cams it can't DO NOT BUY SAVE YOUR MONEY!! Get the real detector instead.

Not all that.

Waste of $, it's that bad... Detects shines or bright spots of light for u. Just not the app as described. Didn't find hidden cams for me, but I see reviews where says it did, so who knows. But I guess it'll give u the thrill of searching for them with some high tech screening/ detection app...

Doesn't work

Screen is black. Doesn't do anything but turn on my flashlight :(


This application doesn't work at all. I tested in low and high light, with angles, without angles and guess what. Did not detected any of my eight existing hidden cameras. Wasted money.

Pls don't waste money

It's showing light reflection as hidden camera. I have not tried with any pin hole camera

Don't buy it

My grandmother detected the camera and the app didn't .

Don't buy this app

This app is very bad.

Horrible purchase

Does not work! Waste of money!

How it works

The app goes off of reflection not "a camera" anything with a reflection or glass like, does it send the warning... Waste of money ... I'm on my second email to get my refund lets See how long it takes


This app is soooo BAD! Such a waste of money and time . From 1-10 I would rate it a negative 1. I am a licensed investigator and I gave this app a try and believe it or not this app will def get you caught or in deep trouble if you are using it for something you need, I tested this app out with 10 different mini pinhole spy cams and they didn't detect them at all, and I also used another 8 cameras and they also didn't detect them at all, I know this app they said it doesn't detect surveillance cameras and phone cameras but mini spy cams they suppose to detect them but I used almost every single spy cameras out in the market and some not made to the public , I work for private etc so i have cameras no public can use and it doesn't detect those either and the only thing it did detect was my coffee table glass top that isn't a camera at all, it only detects reflections of glass hitting lights or chrome objects which is all BS! If you was in a situation and you use this app you would be in big big trouble that's all I got to say and you can be surrounded by 100 spy cameras in a room and you won't even be able to detect one and it's game over for you, just a warning to all don't do it to yourself and get in trouble when you really need it. Take care and good luck and def stay away from this app because like I said you will be in big trouble if it comes down to it.

Don't do it

I actually feel really bad about spending $ on this app and would be grateful for a refund. This app is terrible and does nothing! ...except It does tell you where there is a glare. So, if you can't find your door knob on a sunny day, then this is the app is for you! Please don't purchase this app, go buy some new music instead!

read before you rate!!!

apparently no one is reading about the app before rating. it says it picks up "false" readings due to glare. like that of a mirror or a shiney object. and that it doesnt pick up regular survalance cam's. this app works well. and it did find cams hidden in our home. worth the $$$

Terrible app

Waste of money! Don't buy it.

Waste of time and money

Don't buy this fake app. It goes crazy on mirrors and lamps when there are absolutely no cameras. I wish I could get my time and money back!

Don't waste your money

This detects nothing but reflections from mirrors. It doesn't pick up any of my home security camera's. All it picks up is light reflections from mirrors. I guess I have 20 hidden camera's behind all my mirrors.

Terrible app

Apparently I didn't see where this wont work with the I touch 4 since it doesn't have a torch(flash). Wish apple did refunds on apps.

No torch

I would like a refund. The app doesn't work on the iPad mini, because it doesn't have "torch mode."

Waste of money

Save your money... It doesn't work.

Waste of money!!!!!

It just does not work.... At all.


A lot of false readings, does not target any real camera, not reliable at all. They should refund everyone and be taken off App Store now!!!


I want my money back. What a waste of $5.00 I tested this on a couple different pen and nanny cams. It didn't locate anything.

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