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Hidden Camera Detector app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 1696 ratings )
Utilities Entertainment
Developer: LSC, LLC
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.6, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 17 Jul 2012
App size: 21.27 Mb

Quickly scan any room for hidden cameras and make sure no one is spying on you!

Thousands of downloads and counting! Up to 90% less than a hardware spy camera detector!

Spy cameras are so common they can now be hidden in teddy bears, clocks, watches, key chain remotes and even in your bathrobe and towel hooks! Use our camera finder app to find hidden spy cameras today!

Key Features:

•Uses the iPhone camera and flash to find potential hidden spy cameras
•Targets potential spy cameras live on your screen
•Costs only a fraction of a hardware spy camera finder
•Anybody can use, easy to learn
•Save images with GPS location of suspected spy cameras
•Dont wait for mail order detectors that can cost hundreds of dollars
•Download the Hidden Camera Detector app now and use it today!


Your iPhone or iPod Touch version must have a camera and flash for the app to function. Only works on iPod Touch 3G with an external flash case.

The Hidden Camera Detector app is designed to detect "potential targets" that could be a specialized spy camera, these include pinhole and other small lens cameras. It is NOT designed to detect ordinary security cameras, or cameras found on laptops, cell phones or other non-covert devices. makes no guarantees of performance; you should inspect any potential target to see if it actually is a spy cam before taking action. You may never run across a real spy camera, but if you do make sure you have the Hidden Camera Detector app to help you.

Happy spy camera hunting!

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Pros and cons of Hidden Camera Detector app for iPhone and iPad

Hidden Camera Detector app good for

I have 12 years experience installing covert camera systems for public and private law enforcement. Some in my industry are irritated that their cameras are being found, and so I suspect they are leaving misleading reviews. This app found 7 out of 10 covert cameras in my testing. As a draw back, I had to hold the camera at a fixed position long enough for the app to scan. It did not work when I was trying to scan a room quickly. Not perfect, but an inexpensive tool and nice to have with me on my iPhone at all times.
I Tried it and liked it But there are types of cameras does not work
The cost is forgotten as the value is priceless. Almost a year of having "peace of mind" as well as an education on ones lack of personal privacy today. 100% grateful for the "user friendly" engineering genius. Look forward to any new updates but cant think of anything more it needs. Thank you again as its been fun to use as well.
A good application can be very useful. My iPhone 4 works great with it.

Some bad moments

Dont get me wrong its a 0 star reviews. This app does not work as intended, the only thing that do is detect light reflecrion on everything.
Very bad and it doesnt worth 0.1$ i put a canon camera and samsung camera even in front of my iphone 6 plus but the silly app doesnt detect except for high glossiness. No regards for this app
A total waste of money. In normal circumstances the number of false positives is so high that one would spend hours checking them. I understand that other hardware products are far more expensive but at least they do something.
When I scanned a room, all it detects is glimmers and shines. This is really stupid and I should have looked at the reviews and stuff before i got this cause now I see why this is a huge fraud. 1.99 down the drain.
bought this app and ended up with the error "Your device has no torch mode". the compatibility mentioned on Itune store(3GS) is not right. This is misleading, So pls. Correct it on itune store.
I tested the app with 6 different pinhole cams. The cams where build in crosshead screws, jeans buttons, fake thermal switches etc. The device works very inadequately. You may rely on the results. I am very unsatisfied with the App. Better Save your Money

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