Hidden Camera Detector App Reviews

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Very bad

Very bad and it doesnt worth 0.1$ i put a canon camera and samsung camera even in front of my iphone 6 plus but the silly app doesnt detect except for high glossiness. No regards for this app

What a phony app!!

When I scanned a room, all it detects is glimmers and shines. This is really stupid and I should have looked at the reviews and stuff before i got this cause now I see why this is a huge fraud. 1.99 down the drain.


A total waste of money. In normal circumstances the number of false positives is so high that one would spend hours checking them. I understand that other hardware products are far more expensive but at least they do something.

Covert expert review

I have 12 years experience installing covert camera systems for public and private law enforcement. Some in my industry are irritated that their cameras are being found, and so I suspect they are leaving misleading reviews. This app found 7 out of 10 covert cameras in my testing. As a draw back, I had to hold the camera at a fixed position long enough for the app to scan. It did not work when I was trying to scan a room quickly. Not perfect, but an inexpensive tool and nice to have with me on my iPhone at all times.

Do not buy!

Dont get me wrong its a 0 star reviews. This app does not work as intended, the only thing that do is detect light reflecrion on everything.

Fake. Hoax. Dont pay for this!!

I want a refund. What a joke,


Useless waste I want my money back


Your absolutely is a hoax! I want my refund!

I want a refund! Fake app.

This app couldnt even identify a real hidden camera right in front of it, let alone one that is actually hidden. Any glimmer or spot of light will set it off. My app doesnt even work, the entire screen is black. Developers are scammers, do not waste your money on this. I want a refund!


Even while pointing the app directly at the camera on my quadricopter it failed to pick it up. Dont waste your money.

Most worthless app in the AppStore

Doesnt detect anything unless you are 1 inch away from what you R scanning. After you download the app The app prompts you right away, app is not design to detect cameras on cell phones laptop it couldnt even detect my xbox one Kinect camera. It detects everything in there informercial go figure...


Do not waste your money on this. Doesnt work at all. I directed the scanner toward a known camera and it failed to detect it. Many attempts using several different cameras of different sizes just resulted in false positives like the corner of a table or chair.

Waste of time and money

Placed a hidden camera right in front of this app. Couldnt detect it or other cameras. I would save your money. This is a complete waste of time and money.!!!!!


This should be a free app. I read the bad reviews and STILL bought In denial. Its totally lame, it thinks anything that has a "shine" is a "hidden camera". It doesnt even point out the obvious! Save your money


Yes I bought this app as well and it doesnt do well at all, detects just reflections and when spotting hidden cams it cant DO NOT BUY SAVE YOUR MONEY!! Get the real detector instead.

Not all that.

Waste of $, its that bad... Detects shines or bright spots of light for u. Just not the app as described. Didnt find hidden cams for me, but I see reviews where says it did, so who knows. But I guess itll give u the thrill of searching for them with some high tech screening/ detection app...

Doesnt work

Screen is black. Doesnt do anything but turn on my flashlight :(


This application doesnt work at all. I tested in low and high light, with angles, without angles and guess what. Did not detected any of my eight existing hidden cameras. Wasted money.

Pls dont waste money

Its showing light reflection as hidden camera. I have not tried with any pin hole camera

Dont buy it

My grandmother detected the camera and the app didnt .

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